Hello guys, in this article I will tell you what is MongoDB and why it is different from other databases, and what are the industry use cases of it i.e how companies are using it.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a document database that combines scalability and flexibility with the querying and indexing capabilities that you want. …

“Machine learning will automate jobs that most people thought could only be done by people.” ~Dave Waters

Hello everyone, so today I will like to tell you how the most famous companies Facebook and Google use Machine Learning at their best to ease their tasks and do cool stuff that earlier was thought to be impossible.

What is Machine Learning?

Simple Queue Service (SQS) is an acronym for Simple Queue Service. It is an AWS service that provides access to a message queue that may be used to hold messages while they are being processed by a computer. A queue is a temporary repository for messages that are awaiting processing.
It’s a pay-per-use web service for holding messages while they’re in transit from one machine to another. SQS allows developers to create distributed applications with decoupled components without the burden of constructing and managing message queues.

If we didn’t have SQS, then what happened?

So I’ll start with what is AWS and how it came as a blessing for all the great ideas and startups who can’t afford huge upfront hardware costs especially when they don’t know whether their idea would rule the world or not.

The developers always try to relate the technology with the real world i.e the artificial neural networks have been created by studying the human brain that how we as humans take input and process the information in our brain and resembling the neurons( which are the basic unit of our brain) the tech guys created the artificial neural networks which helps the machine to take accurate decisions.

What are neural networks?

Development Before Jenkins

Developers had to finish code testing before they could check for bugs before they could use Jenkins. Developers on teams, who tended to work alone, each contributed substantial chunks of code to the base code. The entire source code would be verified for errors, which would be a time-consuming and difficult task. Multiple developers would send commits to version control at the same time, lengthening the time it took to find and fix errors. The software delivery process was slow, and there was no iterative code improvement. As a result, Jenkins came to their aid!

What is Jenkins and Continuous Integration?

Jenkins is a cross-platform open-source…

Red Hat OpenShift is a complete container application platform that has an enterprise base in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and natively combines technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes — a strong container cluster management and orchestration system.
RHOCP (Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform) gives businesses complete control over their Kubernetes environments. On a single platform, it supports both cloud-native and classic apps. From infrastructure to services, security is incorporated into the platform across the operations and application lifecycle.

Major Features of OpenShift

Pod autoscaling (containers are referred to as pods in the Kubernetes world):

OpenShift provides cloud elasticity by automatically scaling horizontal pods as application load grows. …

Hello everyone, you all might have heard the name Ansible from different people and corporates but have wondered that what is it and what are its use cases i.e why it is so common in industries etc. So let me take you to the tour to Automation world where Ansible plays a major role.

What is Ansible?

Ansible is an open-source automation framework for IT processes like configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration, and provisioning. So, in layman’s terms, you can use Ansible to setup other people’s laptops or operating systems across the network. …

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