How Facebook and Google uses Machine Learning at their best

What is Machine Learning?

How does Google use Machine Learning?

  • Google has declared itself to be a firm that prioritizes machine learning.
  • Google is the king of them all. It makes use of machine learning algorithms to create a valuable and tailored experience for clients. Google has already incorporated machine learning into its services such as Gmail, Google Search, and Google Maps.
  • Google’s picture search and translation features, for example, use advanced machine learning. This enables the computer to see, hear, and communicate in a manner similar to that of humans. Much adulation!


Google Search and Google Maps

Google Assistant

Google Translate

Speech Recognition: Ok, Google.

Reverse Image Search

Google Adsense

How Facebook uses Machine Learning?

Facial Recognition

Textual Analysis

Targeted Advertising

Language Translation

News Feed




Learner, Tech Enthusiast

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Shivam Upadhyay

Shivam Upadhyay

Learner, Tech Enthusiast

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