Industry Use cases of MongoDB

Hello guys, in this article I will tell you what is MongoDB and why it is different from other databases, and what are the industry use cases of it i.e how companies are using it.

What is MongoDB?

Why Use MongoDB?

  • MongoDB is extremely adaptive to real-world business scenarios and requirements.
  • Certain fields within documents can be returned via queries.
  • For searching the data from the stored data, MongoDB enables field, range-based query, regular expression, and so on.
  • MongoDB is a simple database management system that can be scaled up or down with ease.
  • MongoDB enables you to store working temporary datasets in internal memory, which is much faster.
  • On any field, MongoDB provides primary and secondary indexes.
  • MongoDB allows you to replicate your database.
  • MongoDB can be used as a GridFS, which is a file storage system.
  • MongoDB provides aggregation pipelines, map-reduce, and single-objective aggregation commands to conduct aggregation operations on data.
  • Without affecting our stack, MongoDB allows you to store any form of file of any size.
  • MongoDB essentially replaces the method with JavaScript objects.
  • MongoDB has a collection type called TTL (Time-To-Live) that allows you to store data that will expire after a specific amount of time.
  • JSON Indexes can be established to increase the efficiency of searches in MongoDB’s dynamic database schema. An index can be created for any field in a MongoDB document.
  • MongoDB can provide high availability with replica sets.
  • MongoDB can be distributed across numerous servers, balancing load and/or replicating data to keep the system running in the event of hardware failure.

Some common companies using MongoDB


On Google Cloud Platform’s Compute Engine, MongoDB, the best database for modern apps, is used for the establishment of a developer-friendly experience that enhances modern application development. MongoDB and Google Compute Engine work together to provide the high performance, dependability, and cost-effective scale that today’s applications require.

MongoDB on Google Compute Engine is a more cost-effective choice than traditional on-premise database options because there are no upfront licensing or maintenance expenses. By hosting MongoDB on Google Compute Engine, Server Density, a real-time server, and website monitoring tool, has drastically reduced operational overhead and enhanced speed.

“This is the first of many ongoing, collaborative efforts to bring the best MongoDB experience to Google Compute Engine,” said Vijay Vijayasankar, VP of Global Channels and Business Development at MongoDB. “Working with Google represents another critical step in our mission to make it easy for customers to deploy MongoDB on any cloud they choose.”

EA Sports

Do you think the World Series is a huge deal? Or how about the Super Bowl? Neither comes close to the billions of people that tune in to witness the World Cup, soccer’s quadrennial event (football to those outside North America).

But what about your family’s most popular game? That’s most likely EA Sports FIFA, the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world. With the touch of a controller, EA Sports FIFA allows normally mediocre sportsmen to take on and defeat the world’s finest, weaving intricate passing patterns and perfecting Messi-Esque dribbling.

All without leaving the comfort of their couch.

However, not everyone likes to play FIFA on an Xbox or Playstation. In Asia, EA’s FIFA Online 3 is one of the most popular ways to bend it like Beckham. The most popular sports game in Korea is the massively multiplayer online soccer game, which allows players to choose from over 30 leagues and 15,000 real-world players to play and customize a squad.

Spearhead, one of EA’s leading development studios, constructed EA FIFA Online 3 to run on MongoDB, the industry’s most scalable database because the game needs to scale to millions of users. EA has already deployed 250 MongoDB servers over 80 shards. EA anticipates MongoDB’s auto sharding and other features to help EA FIFA Online 3 scale as the game’s popularity grows.

EA FIFA Online 3 has not only won awards on the field but also in the industry, most recently winning a MongoDB Innovation Award for its innovative use of MongoDB.


The Problem

WebEx Social’s rapid growth necessitated the addition of new data storage capabilities as well as the capacity to create successful new social features. Cisco needed an open-source NoSQL solution that was scalable, versatile, and met the product’s fundamental business requirements: secure, mature commercial support, reliable backup and disaster recovery, and ease of integration with legacy systems.


“MongoDB is a very active, open source project with a vibrant community. It matches WebEx Social’s feature set and fits in line exactly with our needs,” said Gandhi.






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